you make me a shadowboxer baby

it was a tiring day yesterday. from a h2o-less rally stint diretso ako sa cubao-x for the second to the last leg of the performance arts festivities. what makes more tiring is the fact that im not wid my aroma teraphy. she was probably sleeping, saliva-drooling in her bed or bloghopping-forgeting-to-email-me-again in front of the computer. hell, thats ok. she needs a rest. let her be. heya there anei baby. miss you mucho.
hell again. i was sitting solitary the whole night in cubao-x. watching performers do their stuffs. one artist, asked for an audience participation for his performance. he needs brave souls. yeah, as in brave. nagpapanggap na brave. i volunteered.
nasesence ko na eh, he keep on repeating that the performance has somenthing to do wid nudity. lumamig lalo yung hangin.
eto na. we formed a big circle. tas, instructions were given. TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRTS.
hesitant at first. but when i saw the gurls taking off theirs [yeah you heard it right- gurls] wag ka tatawa, i took off mine.
the mere thought that i am in the middle of about 75 pairs of eyes makes me shiever. maliban sa katotohanang sadyang napakalamig ng hangin. sobrang inaantay ko na mag-bow sha signalling na tapos na ang aking ordeal.
pero habang tunatagal, nagiging comportable na ako. ilan lang kameng nagpunta sa gitna. wala akong ni isang kakilala dun. camera flashes everywhere. kahet naman papano napatunayan ko sa sarili ko na me guts nga ako. brave nga siguro ako.
paminsan minsan.

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