Artists’ ARREST
Protest Night

The name of the program is borrowed from the title of art scholar Lisa Ito’s
article of the same title. Published in 2005, Ito observes in this article that
“as the rallies for GMA’s removal grow exponentially, so does the resolve to
find more creative forms of articulation and expression grow.” Three years later
and with more reasons to remove Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from office, prose,
poetry, paintings, music, dance, performance and other art forms continue
to be defined by dissent. This event, as it name implies, is thus dedicated to
how the (intensified) call for the ouster of Arroyo is rendered through art.

The Wuds
Republika de Lata
Babes Alejo and Roselle Pineda
Jeff Pagaduan

Performance art:
Bunch Garcia

Kilometer 64 poetry collective
Lourd de Veyra

2nd volume of Rights
Sampaguita music video (rough cut)

Street Art:
Pilipinas Street Plan
ARREST visual artists

*In lieu of Easter which comes a day before the event, free “ouster eggs”
and stickers will also be given out. We also encourage those who have OUST
Gloria merchandise to bring their stuff and sell during the event.


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