“TutoKKK: Krisis, Kalunasan… Anong K Mo?”

TutoK Exhibits at Blanc, November to December 2008:
“TutoKKK: Krisis, Kalunasan… Anong K Mo?”
TutoK is about visual artists collaborating for advocacy. In celebration of its third year this 2008, it is holding its annual exhibit at Blanc’s spaces in Mandaluyong and Makati with almost 200 artists contributing new works on the theme of crisis: probing into its metaphors and transmutations as it collectively forms an active stance beyond resistance.

Primarily conceived as a recount of a crisis-laden period, “TutoKKK” is also an invitation towards a more in-depth scrutiny of pressing issues. Crisis marks a point of instability in the same way that it highlights a turning point: we are in a crucial moment where decisions will and have to be made.

Paintings, sculptures, installations and residual performance comprise the initial salvo to be held at the Blanc Compound in Mandaluyong from November 25 to December 10. A flow of wall-bound works in uniform format will dominate the space, interspersed with sculptures and assemblages of objects that overall, will interact with the action and residue of live art performances. The high point will be an Artists’ Reception on Sunday, November 30 with performances and other events starting at 4:00pm. The party will go on till evening with music provided by various bands.

Coming next is an installation of works on paper by the same artists at Blanc Art Space Makati from December 6 to 31. Using various media, but also following a uniform format, these vignettes on crises will also be the basis of an installation/performance that will echo the outcry and ephemera of paper. The exhibit will open on Saturday, December 6 with performance starting at 7:00pm.

“TutoKKK” is presented in partnership with Blanc, and is jointly curated by Noel Soler Cuizon, Buen Calubayan, Jef Carnay, Mark Salvatus and Wesley Valenzuela. TutoK is grateful to PAG-IBiG, Utterly Art, and Mr. Julius Babao for their support. tutok


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